I Like You Poems for Her: Poems for a Crush



I Like You Poems for Her



1) The day I saw you

My heart got smitten

The day we have a tendency to met

My soul got sweet bitten

The day I hugged you

My head felt blissfully dizzy

Baby I urgently hope that

You feel identical on behalf of me


2) i favor your Facebook footage

I retweet your tweets

I repin your pins on Pinterest

All as a result of I realize you therefore sweet

I share your Instagram photos

I check your Tumblr often

I share all of your and posts

For I’m crushing on you badly


3) i feel concerning you within the morning

Hoping that you just, realize Pine Tree State charming

I think concerning you within the afternoon

Hoping that I, will meet you presently

I think concerning you within the evening

Hoping that I, will see you smiling

I think concerning you within the middle of the night

Hoping that you just, perceive my plight

I simply can’t stop considering you

I simply hope in the future, you finish up feeling Pine Tree State too


4) If somebody asked Pine Tree State

Why i favor you therefore

I would got to assume

For I don’t very understand

I can’t place a finger on why

I’m crushing on you madly

All i do know is that

I like you prefer crazy


5) after I see

A beautiful sunrise

When I see

The pretty night skies

When I see

A colorful rainbow

When I see

Blooming flowers during a row

When I see

A deliciously red rose

I am glad you’re

The one my heart selected


6) The weather changes

The skies flip a deeper blue

When you walk by

Or I stumble upon you

A sweet melody

Fills the background

That is once everything

Suddenly involves a stop

Even simply your presence

Seems therefore charming

My dream of being with you

I want to create real

I like you


7) Your hair is sort of a lovely wave

Your eyes square measure like shining pearls

Your lips square measure rosy red

Your smile makes my heart curl

Your look is often stylish

Your oomph is like exceptional

You walk sort of a prima donna

You are simply too hot to handle

I like you


8) anytime I scrutinize you

My senses exit of management

My body starts shivering

I freeze up sort of a pole

Every time I scrutinize you

My palms get perspiring

My mind goes entirely blank

Because you’re therefore pretty

Every time I scrutinize you

I begin quivering

My lips forced the lock a smile

My heart starts to sing

I like you


9) There’s most concerning

You, that i favor lots

To describe however I feel

Words, there aren’t

It’s an excessive amount of on behalf of me

To convey during a few lines

Why i would like to be in a position

To decision you mine

I like you


10) What i favor concerning you the foremost

Is the method you walk

The method you smile

When you begin to speak

What i love concerning you lots

Is the method you dress

Seeing the method you tuck your hair

Is a sight of pure happiness

There looks to be nothing

That I don’t like concerning you

Asking you out on a date

Had become long owed


11) i would like to inform you a secret

Which I hope can cause you to smile

To muster the courageousness to inform you

It has taken Pine Tree State a short time

I know we have a tendency to square measure sensible friends

But i would like to be one thing additional

To decision you my lady are a few things

That my heart would love

I like you


12) I hope you don’t get mad

This literary composition could be a cute confession

It comes straight from my heart

I hope it doesn’t get a rejection

This is to allow you to understand

That I can’t sleep nor rest

I have an enormous crush on you

I simply don’t understand what to try to to next



13) What I feel straight away

I’ve ne’er felt before

What I see in you

I entirely love

What i would like straight away

Is you by my aspect

If you say you prefer Pine Tree State too

It’ll be one in all life’s best rides


14) i’m keen about you

Like i’d be to a game

I feel all crazy within

When I take your name

I can’t live while not you

Just like I can’t live while not my phone

I want you to be by my aspect

So that I ne’er feel alone

I like you


15) after I see you

In my face, I go red

When you scrutinize Pine Tree State

I can’t even take a step ahead

When I hear your voice

I begin to soar and fly

When you hug Pine Tree State

I see solely fuzzy with my eyes

You appear to essentially have

Some power over Pine Tree State

Or maybe it’s simply that

I think you’re a hottie



16) i’m slightly inundated

A bit nervous and highly strung

I am acting terribly cautious

I’m crammed with anxiety

My heart has compelled Pine Tree State

To do one thing I’m on the point of

Which is to confess that

I have a crush on you



17) after I saw you for the primary time

I was head over heels

When we suddenly met one another

I realized what my heart feels

When we changed numbers

All my desires came true

When you browse this literary composition

You’ll notice what quantity i favor you


18) the center has no reason

To like somebody

The mind follows no logic

To be keen on someone

The soul has no explanation

To pick one out of a crowd

The conscience has no justification

One name, to shout aloud

So i actually don’t understand why

About you, I’m therefore crazy

All i do know is that

My girlfriend, i would like you to be


19) Shower pretend compliments

On you i’ll ne’er

I will impress you with

My honesty and candor

Treat you prefer a mere fling

I wouldn’t dare to

Because the reality is

I genuinely such as you



20) Since I saw you for the primary time

From the time we have a tendency to initial met

My heart has been singing rhymes

And I simply haven’t slept

All I keep considering

Is however I will be with you

Maybe this literary composition is that the method that I

Can build this dream return true

I like you


21) i’m crushing on you

So heavily

I am considering you

So ceaselessly

I am air castle concerning you

So intensely

I am fantasizing concerning you

So dreamfully

I am flying within the sky

So superbly

Pinch Pine Tree State before

I behave fully

I like you


22) considering you makes Pine Tree State feel cozy

My world has become choked with beauty

Everything looks therefore dreamy and hazy

Life has delayed, oh so lazy

I don’t understand if this can be simply temporary

But the sole time after I am not drowsy

Is after I scrutinize you, therefore lovely and rosy

Maybe as a result of for you, i’m going crazy

I like you


23) Ever since I saw you

For the terribly initial time

My world has become sweet

Just like this cute rhyme

I want that you just too

Could share this sweetness

And press on a date with Pine Tree State

I hope that you just say affirmative

I like you


24) i favor everything concerning you

Especially your lovely face

My heart can keep following you

Even if it’s to place up a chase

I adore everything concerning you

Your temperament and your wit

I hope I even have convinced you

That i favor you each bit


25) My heart begins to thump

When I stumble upon you

If you look towards Pine Tree State

I don’t understand what to try to to

My mind goes into a agitation

When you twirl your hair

I have an enormous crush on you

Is the secret i would like to share


26) i do know the sensation of

Butterflies in my abdomen

I know however it feels to

Keep praying permanently luck

I am aware of having

Jittery and worn nerves too

Ever since I’ve been thinking of

Confessing what quantity i favor You


27) you’re therefore distinctive

In your own method

You are therefore lovely

In words, I cannot say

You are therefore engaging

I simply cannot describe

What I feel around you

Is a terribly special vibration

I simply can’t appear the correct

Words to explain you

All i do know that’s baby

I have feelings for you, so true


28) Forget the magazines

Forget the films

A perfect women isn’t somebody

In books or TV

The prettiest and cutest

A star and a real beauty

In my eyes, isn’t any one however you

If you haven’t guessed already



29) I don’t understand if this can be love

I don’t understand if this can be simply AN infatuation

I don’t understand if this can be emotional

I don’t understand if this can be simply attraction

But what I do understand, is that you just square measure pretty

I additionally understand that you just square measure sweet

I realize you lovely and cute too

Thinking about you, makes my heart beat

I like you


30) The minute I begin considering you

My world stops spinning around

The second i feel concerning asking you out

I suffocate, as if I’ve simply sunken

Here I am, asking you to

Finally place Pine Tree State out of this misery

Please say affirmative, as I raise you

To go out on a date with Pine Tree State