I Like You Poems for Guys: Poems for a Crush



I Like You Poems for Guys:


1) You are available my dreams

You are available my thoughts

Your cute face and dreamy eyes

Have unfrozen my heart in knots

Whether it’s morning or midday

Whether it’s evening or night

I simply will appear to induce you

Out of my mind or sight

Come, pacify my beating heart

Yes, I actually have fallen for you

Give Pine Tree State a pleasant heat hug

And say that you just like Pine Tree State too


2) My mind tells Pine Tree State that you just

Could be a heartbreaker

My heart tells Pine Tree State that you just

Could be my life’s anchor

My gut tells Pine Tree State that you just

Could be the person of my dreams

The only thanks to realize the reality

Is to raise you out, it seems

I like you


3) Since the day our eyes met

I simply can’t stop dreaming

Since the day we tend to had a talk

My heart simply doesn’t stop singing

Humming bubbly pop tunes

Has become a habit of mine

Your photos on Facebook

Give Pine Tree State my daily shine

I had a crush on you since the start

These feelings square measure nothing new

I have not told this to you before

But i prefer you, i actually do


4) i actually don’t believe

That all guys square measure constant

I think that you just square measure completely different

From those that square measure simply lame

Nice guys such as you square measure rare

Cute guys such as you square measure few

My crush on you is obtaining larger

Needless to mention, I like you


5) on every occasion i purchase a Facebook notification

Every time I see a brand new tweet

I hope it’s from you

Because I realize you too sweet

Every time I check out you

Every time we tend to square measure within the same area

I simply can’t stop observing you

And my heart simply goes BOOM

I like you


6) even supposing we all know one another

Since few few weeks

Being around you all now

Has created my heart squeak

I think we should always quit for occasional

Just the 2 people alone

So I will get some privacy

And create my feelings far-famed

I hope this isn’t awkward

I hope you aren’t dismayed

I have a crush on you

My heart, you’ve got completely rocked


7) i’m sick and tired

Of being friends with you

I want to finish this boring friendly relationship

And start a relationship new

I want to confess my crush these days

I now not need to fake

That I don’t realize you cute

Can we tend to be over simply friends?


8) I’ve been stealing moments

Here and there

I’ve been darting my eyes

Around all over

I’ve been cherishing

Every probability that I’ve got

To gape at you

And stare plenty

I have a issue for you

Of that i’m certain

I have a crush on you

Which is innocent and pure

I like you


9) I can’t consider any reason

That I shouldn’t raise you out

I have been nervous all this whereas

But today, i’m getting to shout it out

Boy, you’ve got caught my eye

You are sensible wanting and hot

You appear to be a pleasant guy

Which is why i prefer you plenty


10) you may ne’er recognize

What flying on a cloud is like

You will ne’er perceive

What happens once Cupid strikes

You will ne’er understand

What butterflies within the abdomen mean

You will ne’er comprehend

What it appears like to be a queen

For I’m feeling this stuff

Since that day I’ve seen you

This is not simply a flimsy crush

My feelings square measure real and true

I like you



11) Whenever i feel of you

My eyes get a dreamy hue

Whenever we tend to meet

My heart goes woo-hoo

Whenever we tend to speak

My tongue starts to slide and slew

Whenever we tend to hug

My body sticks to you wish glue

Whenever we are saying sayonara

My heart starts feeling blue

I am telling you all this

Because i prefer you


12) there’s one thing concerning you

That has smitten Pine Tree State

There is a love bug within the air

That has bitten Pine Tree State

There is a magnet within you

That has attracted Pine Tree State

Everything concerning you

Has distracted Pine Tree State

The aura around you

Has captivated Pine Tree State

Since the day I’ve seen you

Nothing else has satiable Pine Tree State

I like you


13) Is it your sweet smile

Is it your untidy hair

I can’t appear to zero in

On why i prefer you

Maybe i’ll ne’er ascertain

But i actually don’t care

All i do know as expected

Is that we’d create a hot try


14) I haven’t been uptake as was common

All day, I simply feel blue

I haven’t been sleeping well

And I blame it all on you

I have the largest crush

A feeling that I cannot undo

I feel pissed off and nervous

Not knowing whether or not you wish Pine Tree State too


15) you’re cuter

Than Harry designs

He is no match

You are higher by miles

You are additional lovable

Than Bradley Cooper

Everything you bit

Becomes completely smart

You are hotter

Than Justin Bieber

Looking at you

Gives Pine Tree State the shivers

You are hunkier

Than Hugh Jackman

I hope you understand

That i’m your massive fan


16) i’m a lady

You are a bloke

I like you

Do you recognize why?

Your cute smile

Has got Pine Tree State floored

I will keep talking concerning you

I will ne’er get bored

Your beauty

Have got Pine Tree State attracted

Your charming temperament

Has got Pine Tree State fascinated


17) college has become nice

All of a unexpected

Doing cluster study

Has become fun

Taking bus rides back

Is no additional a job

Waking up everyday

Is no additional a bore

The sunrise currently

Means only one issue to Pine Tree State

That i purchase to examine you

And crush on you perpetually

I like you


18) I cannot describe however I feel

When our eyes meet

I get a funny feeling in my tummy

Which is bitterly nervous however sweet

I cannot say however I feel

When I dream concerning America 2

It takes Pine Tree State during a wizard wonderland

Because I fancy you, I like you


19) you’re specifically

The type of guy

Who makes Pine Tree State blush

And feel extremely keep

You are specifically

The kind of guy

Who offers Pine Tree State the shivers

And makes Pine Tree State wanna fly

You are specifically

The sort of guy

Who makes Pine Tree State smile

With a sparkle in my eyes

I like you


20) i could sound to a small degree desperate

But i actually don’t care

I have to inform you the reality

I must lay my feelings clean

I don’t need to be your friend

I want our relationship to grow

Yes, i’m asking you out

And I hope, you won’t say no



21) I actually have ne’er been fearless

Right now, i’m to a small degree nervous

I am a keep woman by memory

So i actually don’t recognize wherever to start out

Right from the approach you create Pine Tree State smile

To your cute and handsome vogue

Everything concerning you, I merely love

Being simply friends, I will take no additional



22) i prefer you not solely as a result of

You are thus cute

I like you as a result of

You are a real gent from your roots

I like you not solely as a result of

You are thus handsome

I like you as a result of

You make my heart hum

I like you not solely as a result of

You are thus hot

I like you as a result of

A heat heart, you’ve got got


23) does one like occasional, slightly bitter

Or does one like sweet frozen dessert higher

Do you like KFC

Or does one opt to have simply tea

Do you like cocoa

Or does one need to sample a dish plate

Why i’m asking you this, can’t you see

I hope that you just can quit on a date with Pine Tree State


24) currently i really like to pay time

Browsing Facebook and Instagram

So I will check out your photos

Which appear sweeter than jam

I on the Q.T. follow you on Twitter

Under completely different usernames

But these days i would like to confess

And stop taking part in these silly games

I want you to examine what’s happening

In my heart, through and thru

Call it a crush, decision it attraction

Call it no matter you wish, I like you


25) Even the cutest pin on Pinterest

Cannot justify however cute I realize you

Even the funniest tweet on Twitter

Cannot match your lovable  chatter

Even the foremost microorganism video on YouTube

Cannot create Pine Tree State smile the maximum amount

As however I dream concerning supplying you with

A tender hug and feeling your bit

I like you


26) Nothing during this world

Is as cool as you

Not even One Direction

Not even their crazy tattoos

Nothing during this world

Is as cute as you

Not even a puppy

Not even a baby pouched mammal

Nothing during this world

Is as sweet as you

Not even chocolate

Not even the most effective fondue

I like you


27) To your handsome charms

My heart has given its reaction

I may have fallen into love

I may have succumbed to attraction

This woman has given up

On holding back her feelings for you

She thinks it’s time to prevent being friends

And start a romantic relationship new

I like you


28) I don’t acumen to mention

I don’t recognize that words to utter

To tell you that once I see you

In my heart, there’s to a small degree of a flutter

I hope this cute very little literary work

Shows my feelings, so true

I have the hots for you boy

I have an enormous crush on you


29) It should be written in our fates

For each people to fulfill

Boy I confess that I

Find you hot and sweet

It should are in our destiny

To cross every others’ ways that

Every since I saw you

I have had dreamy days

I like you


30) I sing while not

Any reason

Even once I am bored

Somehow I actually have fun

A smile is affixed

On my face continually

Like ne’er before i’m

Feeling things currently

Something has modified

I simply don’t recognize what

I feel intoxicating and high

Without taking an endeavor

Maybe it’s one thing

To do together with your presence

I think we should always persist a date

To confirm it once

I like you